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Updated March 2013


We have kept chickens for over 13 years. Our first birds were kindly donated by a friend from work who had a mixed flock living at the bottom of his garden. They kept us in eggs and even produced the odd chick - all by themselves, with no help from us - and looked very pretty running round the garden scratching up my bedding plants.
Years later we were invited to a chicken show in our village and were amazed at the number of different breeds on display. We both fell in love with the little Kellogg's packet cockerel, who despite being the smallest bird had the biggest charisma. The club members were all very friendly and suggested breeders of the Gold Dutch that we could contact to help us start our own little flock. We bought two pairs, Alexander & Abigail and Abraham & Amanda. By the end of the year we had over a hundred birds!
Not all the newcomers were from our original birds! As you go round the shows and visit other people to see their birds you inevitably increase the breeds you keep or the colours. Anyway I can't resist a new arrival to my menagerie!
We extended our involvement in the poultry world when I bought half a dozen Cayuga hatching eggs from a friend. I like the fact that I don't need to keep the ducks confined in aviaries to keep them from straying into neighbours' gardens so they were also bound to increase.
I've also added our other pets though they do not have much to do with chickens directly.


To make the front page load faster I have put all of our current news in the diary with just a sample picture on this page and a quick link to get to take you to the diary. Note there is also one in the left hand margin. The diary page will take several seconds to load because of the number of pictures it contains..